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McClure Station Park

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Station Park is located in the center of town between the Post Office and the one of a kind water fountain.  Station park is a quite shaded park with playground equipment for all ages, an open area to start a pick up game of football or soccer, a picnic pavilion, and benches throughout the park.  It is used for community events and private gatherings.

  Station park was formed after the closure of the local railroad (The Sunbury-Lewistown Railroad). The Dedication Service for the new park climaxed the week-long celebration for the Bicentennial of the United States of America in 1976.  Historic Road Sign - 1, Historic Road Sign - 2 .  Keystone Marker Trust has a database of Historic Road Signs - Website Database.



Railroad Fountain


      In 1979, a new fountain sung an old tune of Railroad Days gone by, the new fountain was put in when the new street construction was being completed, in which portions of west Walker and Railroad streets were merged into west Railroad Street. 

      Water cascading down over the sides of a fountain, located at the east entrance to west Railroad Street in McClure, sings a tune of sorts.  The notes of trickle, splash and gurgle can be interpreted as a melody of the golden days of railroading.  As if by per-arranged plan of long ago, the fountain sits squarely on what at one time was the old railroad bed.  Inadvertently, the fountain had its origin in 1867 when the grading began for the Middlecreek Valley Railroad Company.  Prior to that, it was decided to locate the railroad on the south side of the valley, resulting in the formation of McClure.

      Officials of the railroad selected McClure as the place on the line where the steam locomotives would take on water.  There were two water towers, the first one erected on the north side of the tracks.  The second tower was built on the south side of the tracks, replacing the first.  This latter tower was continued in use until 1963 when the railroad ceased to operate in McClure.

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McClure Bacon Fest

INDULGE IN BACON BLISS AT McCLURE'S BACON FEST! Taking place in mid-April around the charming McClure Station Park, the air is infused with the irresistible aroma of sizzling bacon. Can you smell it yet?

Join us for McClure's Bacon Fest this April, featuring an array of bacon-infused delights, from mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches to decadent chocolate-covered bacon, maple bacon cupcakes, bacon pancake dippers, and much more! With over 200 vendors lining the streets, it's a bacon lover's paradise.

Visit for more information and savor the anticipation of bacon goodness!

McClure National Night Out 

Held inside McClure Station Park on the first Tuesday of August.  The event is hosted by the McClure Revitalization Committee.

Nation Night Out enhances the relationship between neighbors and emergency service while bringing back a true sense of community.  Furthermore, it provides a great opportunity to bring police and neighbors together under positive circumstances.

The best way to build a safer community is to know your neighbors and your surroundings.


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