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From Harrisburg


1.  Merge onto US-22 W

2.  Take the PA-333 exit towards Thompsontown/E. Salem

3.  Turn right onto PA-333 E

4.  Continue onto PA-235 N

5.  Turn left to stay on PA-235 N

6.  Turn right at light onto PA-235 N/PA-35 N

7.  Take the first left onto PA-235 N

8.  Turn left onto US-522 S/Beaver Ave. - Continue to follow US-522 S to McClure

From State College


1.   Take US-322 E

2.  Continue onto US-22 E/US-522 N

3.  Take the exit toward US-522   

N/Walnut St.

4.  Merge onto US-522 N/Logan St.

5.  Turn left onto US-522 N/S. Walnut St. - Continue to follow US-522 N to McClure 

From Willamsport


1.   Take US-15 S/Montgomery Pike -Continue on US-15 S

2.  Turn right onto PA-45 W/Market St. - Continue to follow PA-45 W

3.  Turn left onto PA-104 S/S 10th St. - Continue to follow PA-104 S

4.  Turn right onto US-522 S/W Market St. - Continue to follow US-522 S to McClure

Google Maps - Click on the link above and it will take you to Google Maps.  It shows a lot of activities and locations of things in McClure and West Beaver Township.  Enjoy!

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