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Station Park Big Improvements in 2024: A Milestone for McClure's Revitalization Efforts

By Andrew S. Benner | McClure, PA | 12/22/2023

McClure Station Park Land Development Plan
Download • 18.64MB

Station Park Pavillion Restroom and ADA Ramps
Download • 7.72MB

In a momentous stride towards enhancing the quality of life for its residents, McClure's Revitalization Committee and the McClure Borough Council is proud to announce significant improvements scheduled for Station Park in 2024. This ambitious project, set to commence with a groundbreaking ceremony in May, is the culmination of years of dedicated effort by the committee and the unwavering support of the local community.

One of the cornerstones of this transformative endeavor is the successful securing of a substantial grant, a process meticulously navigated over the course of several years. The McClure Borough Council, in collaboration with CES Engineers, LLC spearheaded this initiative and is pleased to report the acquisition of a $450,000 grant, further bolstered by an additional $50,000 in matching funds. This financial backing is a testament to the commitment and vision of those involved in the revitalization efforts.

To gain insight into the exciting changes on the horizon for Station Park, residents are encouraged to peruse the detailed plans available on the McClure Borough website. These plans, meticulously crafted with community input, outline a revitalized park that aims to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the local populace.

Among the anticipated improvements are upgraded recreational facilities, landscaping, and enhanced amenities that will foster a sense of community and the list continues. The comprehensive plan reflects a thoughtful balance between preserving the park's natural charm and introducing contemporary elements to meet the evolving needs of the residents.

This endeavor represents more than just physical enhancements; it signifies a collective commitment to cultivating a thriving and vibrant community space. As we break ground in May 2024, McClure's residents can look forward to a revitalized Station Park that not only beautifies the landscape but also serves as a central hub for recreation, relaxation, and community gatherings.

Expressing our gratitude to all those who have played a role in making this project a reality. From the borough council members to the dedicated CES Engineers, the McClure Revitalization Committee,and most importantly, the residents whose ongoing support and engagement have been instrumental in reaching this pivotal moment.

As the community eagerly awaits the groundbreaking ceremony, let us celebrate this significant step forward in McClure's journey towards a brighter, more vibrant future. The revitalization of Station Park is not just a physical transformation; it is a testament to the strength of community spirit and the shared vision for a better tomorrow.


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