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The Veterans Memorial pool in McClure became a reality through the efforts of the McClure Chamber of Commerce.  In 1947, the subject of a swimming pool for West Beaver Township was presented to members of the Chamber of Commerce through the combined efforts of Royal Kline, Wilson Dodd and Joseph Dodd. Minutes of that meeting show an intense interest among the members for the project. At other meetings of the Chamber during 1947 and 1948 the swimming pool was discussed at great length. At first it was suggested that the pool be built behind the schoolhouse, the site was changed later, however. Mr. C. F. Wagner, then president of the Purity Water Company, agreed to provide the water free.     


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In 1948, a committee was appointed to delve into the possibilities of going ahead with the project and action was taken by the Chamber to proceed. The committee was composed of J. H. Dodd, C. C. Wagner, and Woodrow Mattern.  P. E. Marshall, W. F. Conner Jr., C. F. Ewing, W. K. Dodd, S. E. Good, R. M. Baker, R. W. Fisher. On February 25 of the same year action was taken to dedicate the pool to the veterans of all wars.

It is still Free today and still runs on donations.  So whenever you visit the pool remember to help out and donate to the pool.  It is the only pool in the state of Pennsylvania that can claim that it is a free admission pool.  The McClure Veterans Memorial Swimming Pool Mini Golf Course is open everyday from 1pm - 8pm.  Admission to play mini-golf is $3.00 a person.  Bring your friends and enjoy some mini-golf.  After playing some golf dive on into the pool and enjoy the water tree in the low end of the pool, the diving board and slide in the deep end.

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